Barky Hazelnut

Kalite Gıda   


This is classiting in three groups
a) Barky plump hazelnut:This is a barky hazelnut that sizes's are equal to stature or a few different from each other and circular shaped.
b) Barky sharp hazelnut: Barky Hazelnut`s tips  which lengths's are more long on from sizes's is sharp.
c) The Other barky hazelnuts:Barky hazelnuts which are'nt sharp and plump hazelnuts
Barky hazelnuts's statures:
a)Very Big ,over 18 mm 
b) Big, over 16 mm
c) Mid, between 13 - 16 mm
d) Small (thin) , under 13 mm
e) Naturel products include all statures according product`s situation of bigness.