Pinch Hazelnut

Kalite Gıda   


It is inside of hazelnut which is took out from hard fruit bark.This is
classiting in three groups;
a)Inside plump hazelnut:Diameters's are equal to stature or a little different from each other
b)Inside sharp hazelnut: Lengths are a little more longer than sizes and tips are sharp.
c) The other  inside of hazelnuts are'nt  plump and sharp.
Inside of hazelnuts are prepared as extra ,as 1.class and 2. class
The smallest size of extra and 1.class inner hazelnuts are 9 mm
The other inside of hazelnuts are called thin or pikola(6-9 mm.) hazelnuts.
Usually extra and 1. class hazelnuts are prepared  according to the lengths below as
suitable  enough to  provide customer's.demand
a)13-15 mm.
b)11-13 mm.
c)over 11 mm.

 There is no obligation to longer in 2. class inner hazelnuts. Barky Hazelnut has TSE Certificate